Environment & resources

Since time immemorial, long before the rise of the nation state, Indigenous Peoples have been the stewards of the environment that surrounds them. Today more than ever, they play an indispensable role in protecting natural resources, providing the larger community with their traditional knowledge and expertise, voicing their concerns and asserting their rights with respect to environmental issues. As partners in our clients’ endeavours, we provide legal and policy advice and implement agreements and legislation with respect to wildlife, land use, water, land tenure, resource management and development.

Our work involves consultations with community leaders and members on many of the issues mentioned above. We design co-management and impact and benefit agreements dealing with Aboriginal and treaty rights.Through the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement in 1974-75, our lawyers assisted in designing and implementing the first comprehensive, mandatory environmental impact assessment process for Canada and Quebec.

We also litigate in cases involving environmental and resource use issues and represent clients before administrative tribunals such as the National Energy Board in its environmental assessment function. Working closely with our clients, all level of governments and project proponents, we ensure that the right to consultation and accommodation is fulfilled whenever traditional territories, resources and rights may be adversely affected by project development.