Economic development and partnerships

Economic development is crucial to improving and sustaining the economic wellbeing and quality of life of a community. It can also cause important cultural and social impacts.

We have extensive experience providing legal and policy advice and drafting and implementing agreements and legislation with respect to wildlife and land use, water, land tenure, land titling, land registering, environmental protection, environmental health issues, hunting and fishing and resource management and development, in line with First Nations and Inuit values, perspectives, and teachings. We work with Indigenous Peoples, their organizations and corporations to ensure sustainable practices, including in the forestry, hydroelectric, renewable energy, and oil and gas sectors.

We have designed and implemented a number of environmental protection, environmental co-management and impact and benefit regimes. This work has often involved consultations with community leaders and community members, organizing meetings to gather their input, preparing plain language documents and making presentations in a cross-cultural context through the use of interpreters fluent in indigenous languages to explain proposed agreements, policies or legislation that may have significant impacts on economic development. We have also developed and carried out training programs to provide capacity-building to local officials on a full range of issues affecting community members.